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About us

Welcome to Mocha Creationz, the place where magic and melanin meet!  I started Mocha Creationz because I am the mother of a brown girl who loves all things girly-mermaids, princesses, and ballerinas to name a few.  However, I am always disappointed when I visit the popular clothing stores that I cannot find any images on apparel that reflect the beautiful brown girl I have.  I mean, even in the world of make believe, a mermaid can't be brown? It's time to change the narrative.

Mocha Creationz was created to not only celebrate our beautiful brown children but to also allow them to see themselves reflected positively in the clothing that they wear.  Positive images of color reinforce a healthy self-esteem as well as strengthen self-love. 

Imagine how excited your own little mocha princes and princesses will be to wear apparel that reflects their own natural brown beauty.

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Stay blessed and stay brown :-)